Thinking out loud – Common problems

I suppose the most common problem that I find is lack of time to complete something, be it the hours within the day and my eyes just cannot keep awake any more.

So the main thing is to pace yourself and come up with a plan of what you want to do by stage 1 and then by stage 2, if there is no plan the you will just get deeper and deeper in disappear thinking what shall I do first and for how long. Just pick what you want to do and stick with it, if you come up with other ideas, write them down and give a good diagram if required to remind yourself when you want to do that project, talk, etc. The best ideas will just come and you will have to write them down when you could be on the toilet or even whilst you are doing a present project,, just write the idea down!!.

I find emailing myself the best way to have a “to-do” list of items to get through, and if I need to draw a diagram scan and jpeg it to me. Once I need to come back to that idea I will have a good understanding what I thinking about and also may have some other ideas along the same topic that could only help that topic that I probably would never have through of if I just hammered it out whilst I was thinking about it, also if you are at a loss end when one project comes to a end, well if you have other project ideas sitting there waiting to be taken on, you will hopefully never be at a loss end, just keep your mind fresh and never loss that thought, write it down, it will come in handy. There could be some days when you have no ideas at all, do not force them to come out, unless you think like that of course, I personally need to go off and do something else, wash up, unload washing machine, play games with my family, go for walks etc.. just the mind onto something else and then every once and a while .. arhh.. that is a good idea, write it down :).

I suppose the best things to do are..

  1. Time management of your time.
  2. Sort out what you want to achieve by stage 1, stage 2 and do not try and forces on and do the whole thing you will probably just burn out and not enjoy what you are doing by the end.
  3. Write down any ideas that you have, they will help in the future when there is a idea drought.
  4. Just enjoy what you are doing, it will not only make you happier but also the area around you.

Another thing that helps me is to talk ideas through with friends and family they may not understand what you are talking about, but in the end they hopefully will and also you may have a better understanding of what it is you are doing.

Never give up!!. sometimes it will be a bad day, but that is only to notice when there is good days.

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