3D spinning computer

This is going to be my next project to have a spinning computer within a 3D environment.

I am going to be using two different 3D engines as such, OpenGL and also DirectX.

So that the project will be able to compile within different operating system environments, Windows and Linux mainly since I do not have a Mac PC.

These are going to be my 3 parts of the project.

  • Create dual environment to develop in (OpenGL/DirectX)
  • 3D maths library, so that each environment can use the same computational engine to move the objects about
  • Draw the computer and make it spin

Afterwards, I am going to link the mouse movement from the hardware mouse a mouse pointer on the spinning computer and also have surrounding environment for the computer to bump into if things move.

So the next 3 steps would be

  • Mouse pointer within the spinning computer controlled by the hardware mouse
  • Create surrounding environment
  • Move parts of the surrounding environment (e.g. a office chair) and test for any collisions

I am going to be writing this in c++ and/or c#, with some additional libraries from the DirectX framework set.

NOTE: Just noticed the Linux/Windows ORGE 3D engine!.

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