Thinking out loud – Projects ideas

The main thing that I find the hardest thing to do with programming (or anything to be honest), is to pick a project to do, never think that I could not do that because of X and Y if you start to think that you will be in a bad place and the project will on die out and you will not only no longer enjoying programming (or what ever you are interested in).

The main thing for me, is to pick a project to do for me and then pick the language that I want to do it in. I suppose there are a few choices when it comes to it when you are doing a different style of project for example

  1. Web site – php, c#, jsp, html, javascript, css, flex, silverlight, flash are some of the languages that I would choose from.
  2. Application – c++, c#, java.
  3. OS – c++, assembly
  4. Backend program – c++, c#, java etc.

the list goes on and on, of course can change for the different projects that you are going to do, if you are going to fix/build a car for example then you would have a different list e.g.

  1. Engine – oil, spanners etc.
  2. Body work – sanders, paint


It is a general rule of thumb that you will pick the items that are linked to the project style that you are going to do, but the biggest thing never think that you cannot do it, everyone can do it but it is just a question of mentally thinking you may have ask for help and thus you will not only learn but also may help others that may be wanting to ask the same question but afraid to ask it, you have asked it and will probably get a good answer which will not only help you but also others.

The main reason for me this site, is all about posting parts of my knowledge and coming up with projects that I can post on a website to not only help me but others. If others want to share there knowledge, fair play and join in, there is no judgment to what ever question you may ask. We are all human and here to learn and better ourselves if that is what we want to do.

It may sound air’y fairy to some people, but for me it just sounds true.

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