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This project is about word searching, the game of that is. I am going to outline the basic structure of how the project is going to be completed and then do a separate version in each language that I have a main interest in. That is c++, c# (c sharp), php are the main 3 and also in ruby and any others that I may come across on my web travels.

Word searching basic idea :-

There will be a n * n grid

Array of words to be searched (6 words as a base)

Use a dictionary of word, use a XML file(s), if anyone else wants to add more XML word search files then they can add to the words directory and the program will search this directory.

plot onto the grid the words, forwards, backwards, diagonal, up and down.

whilst creating the grid of words, try and use some of the other letters if possible from the other words.

Create a grid of letters (randomize) and then insert words into the grid .. and if over lap a word already check and move if a letter is in the same words

Of course words cannot be any longer than n letters.

Use a base class for each part of the project/game and then extended from it.

If anyone else has anymore parts that they can think off just say (if you use the contact me page), I will link to here the different posts for different aspects of the whole game on this page, because what I am going to do is to do the game in parts in each topic area, e.g. c++ and then just have small parts that will function by themselves.

Here are the basic classes ideas that I have come up with.

Words – this will load the words and also create the search-able word list from the loads that have been loaded.
Grid – this will create a n * n grid and place randomize characters onto it.
WordToSearchGrid – extends the Grid class and includes the Words class to insert the words into a randomized points on the grid.

PHP Versions of the above classes.

The c# (c sharp) versions of the above classes.

as a aside project I am going to write a small XML reader in c++ on this project page, XML reader for c++.

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