Dice Game – Part 2

Dice Game – Part 2.

And here are the Extensions

  • Add a high score feature. Save the top ten highest scores and names to a file and make it persistent between runs of the program. Read the file when you start and print out the hall of fame. If a player gets a score that preempts one of the early high scores, congratulate them and update the file before you quit so it is recorded for next time.
  • Incorporate the bonus scores for multiple Yahtzees in a game. As long as you have not entered a 0 in the Yahtzee box, the rules of the game give you a bonus chip worth 100 points for each additional Yahtzee you roll during the same game.
  • Beef up your Yahtzee to the variant called “Triple Yahtzee.” In this variant, each player manages three simultaneous scorecard columns, as if they were playing for three players at once. The player can assign a roll to any one of their three columns. All entries are scored normally with respect to categories and validity, but the values in the second column are doubled, and the third column values are tripled. The player

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