MySQL storage engines

In MySQL, there is a couple of different storage engines that can be used for different tables within a database. There is myiasm, innodb, cvs, memory, merge, BDB (BerkeleyDB) example, federated, archive and blackhole.

The main two are that are used are

The main differences between them both are speed, the myiasm is more designed for speed to access the database tables but does not support the rollback where you are able stop the current set of instructions and rollback the updates/inserts to where it was at a previous time, because of this the programmer is the person to make sure that what they want to do is and will happen, otherwise the programmer will have to sort out the tables that could out of stink. But compared to the innodb, where it supports the rollback function, it does have to take a hit somewhere and that is the speed.

The main database that I use is the myiasm, purely because of the speed of access, and also it appears that most web/applications appear to use that. But if you running some circuital data then of course I would use innodb database type purely for data.

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