Delete object from array within javascript

Someone asked me whilst doing a job how to delete parts of a array within javascript, so just like other object oriented languages, you can have a array of data objects and each one can be accessible and removable. To achieve this with javascript you use the delete method as below.

var myArray = new Array();
myArray[0] = "first value";
myArray[1] = "second value";
// and to delete the second value
delete myArray[1];

Adding floats together with commas and decimal places

Someone contacted me about adding some numbers together with comma’s and dots within there values, here is the email via the contact me page.

“Please I need a javascript code that can enable me add two or more numbers containing dot(.) and/or comma (,) together. For example, 122.34 + 233.56. Or/And 233,239.34 + 323,322.44. Thanks in advance.”

Here is the code that will accomplish the request.

<script type="text/javascript" >
       function load()
               var value1="233,122.34";
               var value2="233.56";
<body onload="load()">

The main part is the parseFloat and replacing the “,” with nothing “” to remove the none float characters via the object replace method.