X session cannot start /tmp

If you get a error like

Error: X session cannot start /tmp 
Error: unable to write to the /tmp

or similar errors to the above when trying to log into KDE

it could be because you have run out of inodes (the disk structure that allows you to create new files) or hard drive space.

I had this same problem, and after doing

apt-get clean

to clean out of the temporary files that apt-get has used

and also since I am compiling up my own kernels, I deleted some of the


directories and then I was able to start up X, which is great.. something of a better error would have been better.. cannot create file, make sure that you have the space!!. sort of thing..

also sometimes if your X session does not start, if you delete your home directory (The user’s home directory that you are trying to login to) .Xauthority


rm ~/.Xauthority

because that is sometimes a lock on the xsession.

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