Hello world

Python is one of those languages that are used by allot of different companies but probably does not get the credit that how much it is used. Google uses it, allot of the Ubuntu backend is python. Python is able to do object orientated programming, but does not include the full essence of objects like other languages like C++/Java/C# where you have a private/public/protected but use a “__” before the variable as a “hidden” variable within the class.

So going to do some posts of how cool Python can be, but to start with the classic “hello world” program, like most languages (C++/PHP/C#/Java) most of the functions/methods are actually english words that should mean something to the writer/reader of the program, so to display a message to the screen you can use the “print” command and here is the example program

print "hello world"

and this will output, if you save out that program as helloworld.py

hello world

to call the saved program via the command line you need to call the interpreter (the python program).

python helloworld.py