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Contact me, if you want to employee myself, be it in web / software / service oriented architecture applications using DevOps with most languages (some langauges php, java, c++, sql, xhtml, javascript, ajax, css). My work is second to none.

I live in England (Norwich) and happy to talk face-to-face within England to discuss any work (or over the internet skype/teams etc), or only over the internet (skype/teams etc) for other parts of the world.

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  1. hi! my name is fatima. I read your website material. I love to do programming and solves problems related to problem solvings and logic thinking based.. I also learn website material. But i am a student so i always distract like i am doing nothing and wasting my time.. so I have one question.. when you were student what you do in your free time or like are you being afraid about your career or not. i know i am asking a stupid question! but i will wait for your reply

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