Black holes and my idea of them

I have been watching the different programs about black holes and universe creation theories, so here is my theory on the matter.

How about if a black whole is the creation of a universe, the starting point, as in the matter that is it sucking around a worm hole is forced into another space( and/or time) and that is where all of the matter for the new universe comes from, which would answer the string theory of 10/11 dimensional space.

So in a bigger explanation, a black worm hole is created in one universe and sucks the matter around it to such a high speed that it forces it to another space (and/or time) though a worm hole and this is where the “big band” happens for the new universe and then after a x amount of time the black worm hole clasped onto itself and thus no more matter will come through which is why the present universe that we are in is constantly expanding from a point. In the new universe then has time to create itself before more black worm holes appear to transfer matter from one universe to another (which is why there is galaxy’s where could have been small black worm holes that just deposited smallish amounts of matter into that area).

This is just my theory on this, hey I wonder if it will be true ?

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