FacePamphlet – Extensions

This is the extensions part, but after reading the extensions and one of them was converting from using the acm.graphics library to using the java.xswing library – (GCanvas – JPanel) then since the assignment 6 looks very interesting I am going to leave that one for another day because only had about 1 hour to do this extension.

The extensions

  • Search for some friends with key words e.g. part of the name
  • status line on 2-x lines
  • change the middle gcanvas to a jpanel – NOTE not going to do at present
  • friend finder – friends that you could link to from your friends already

Search for some friends with key words e.g. part of the name

To search for names that are already in the users list but you type in part of there name, then I have added in the search to the friends request button action and if no friend is found with that name then do a possible search of different names with the request as a search within each name. Of course do not want to add in the user that I am logged in as and any friends that the current user already has as friends, below is the java code that implements this

			Message = "Error : "+ ex.getMessage() + " Possible names : ";
			String[] possibleNames = repository.getUsers();
			for (int i =0; i < possibleNames.length; i++)
				if (possibleNames[i].indexOf(requested) >= 0)
					if (!possibleNames[i].equals(homeUserID))
						// if not already my friend
						if (!repository.isMyFriend(possibleNames[i]))
							Message += possibleNames[i];

status line on 2-x lines

How I implemented this was to create a array of GLabel which are an array length of the status line divided by the centre display texture width (CENTERTEXTWIDTH) e.g. so that if there is a status line of “genux is burping” then there would only be one array length but if the line was allot longer then there would be a X array length. Also since we do not want to break the word across two lines, I searched for the space after the centre display texture width and then cut the line there instead of in the middle of the word and then placed the rest of the sentence on the next line (that is where the endSpace integer value comes into play).

	if (statusCentre != null) 
		for (int i =0; i < statusCentre.length; i++)
	String theStatus = repository.getProperty(usersID + FILE_STATUS);
	if (theStatus != null)
		theStatus = usersID + " is " + theStatus;
		int endSpace =0;
		int statusSize = (theStatus.length() / CENTERTEXTWIDTH)+1;
		statusCentre = new GLabel[statusSize];
		for (int i =0 ; i < statusSize; i++)
			// endSpace = get the last space words and only output full words
			String outString = theStatus.substring((i * CENTERTEXTWIDTH) + endSpace);
			if (outString.length() > CENTERTEXTWIDTH)
				// find the closet space
				int end = outString.indexOf(" ",CENTERTEXTWIDTH);
				outString = outString.substring(0,end); //CENTERTEXTWIDTH);
				endSpace += end-CENTERTEXTWIDTH;
			statusCentre[i] = new GLabel(outString);
			statusCentre[i].setLocation(FPConstants.LEFT_MARGIN, FPConstants.STATUS_TOP+(i * statusCentre[i].getHeight()));

friend finder – friends that you could link to from your friends already

The friend finder, the way that I thought about this was everyone is a friend of the course CS106A, so using the repository getUsers it will return a array of users, so all I did was created a function that takes the current users friend array and also the friends of the course array and then just found the users that was in the course array list and not in current users list and returned that as a array (e.g. there could be more than one un-friended user), I did not implement any double click on the FPScrollableList because it will just be using the friend request method and as stated before I am looking at the assignment 6 and it is looking interesting :).

Below is how I used the throw away users of the intersection of both arrays (my friends and the course friends)

	// return a string array of names that are within the main group courseF and not in my friends group
	// could do a random return of different similar names with X as the maximum to return
	// but since a simple example then probably not needed ?
	private String[] returnNames(String[] myF, String[] courseF)
		String[] returnS;
		int diff = courseF.length - myF.length;
		// equals 1 because the courseF would include the userID name as well
		if (diff == 1)
			returnS = new String[0];
			returnS = new String[diff-1];
			int insertI =0;
			// find the names that are not in myF and then insert into the returnS
			for (int i=0; i < courseF.length; i++)
				Boolean inI = true;
				for (int j =0; j < myF.length;j++)
					if (courseF[i].equals(myF[j]))
						inI = false;
				if (inI && (!courseF[i].equals(homeUserID))) 
					returnS[insertI++] = courseF[i]; 
		return returnS;

I have included the source code in the zip file attached with also the assignment and running interface.