How to convert VOB to DVD and Burn

Convert VOB-DVD Image

To create the IFO/BUP files for the VBO files I use a program (the IFO/BUP files are the same file but with different names)

  dvdauthor -o <path-to-file> -T - To generate the Table Of Contents file (TOC)
  cp *.vob <path-to-file>/VIDEO_TS - Copy the files into the video directory
  dvdauthor -o <path-to-file> vobs 

To generate multiple BUP files from the IFO files you could use something like

for file_i in *.IFO; do cp $file_i `basename $file_i .IFO`.BUP; done 

Burn to disk the vcd Image
To burn the dvd files I use a program called K3B for ease of use (K3B is very self explanatory).

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