Call a function

Lets just say that you are writing a template program and you want to add into a array of function calls, which you can add to as well on-the-fly. Within PHP you can use a function called call_user_func which allows you to call a function using a stringed parameter in the first parameter and the next parameter(s) (if you wish to pass more than one parameter) is next. Hopefully the below will demonstrate better.

  function test($var)
    echo "test : " . $var;
  function example($var)
    echo "example : " . $var;
  $funarr = array(array("test", "codingfriends"), array("example", "was here"));
  foreach ($funarr as $funarr_call)
    call_user_func($funarr_call[0], $funarr_call[1]);
    echo "<br/>";

and the output would be

test : codingfriends
example : was here

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