CS107 – Assignment 2 – Six degrees

This is assignment 2 from a older CS107 course, because the latest course work is held on a UNIX server which in turn you need access to!!.. kinder does not help when you do not have access too!!.. Here is where I got the files from cs107 link, there is a zip file at the bottom of that page which has all of the assignments and handouts etc.

I have included the PDF of the assignment in the above file link, but since the actual assignment includes a few massive files you can download them from the CS107 link of the whole course work that I am using from the cs107 link.

As a note, within my linux setup, I need to setup the environment variable to tell the program to use a Linux little endian by

export OSTYPE=linux

Basically the assignment is to load in cast/movie details (which the base code from the assignment already does for use) and then we are needed to pull out the data from the structure of the file, the structure of the actors is (as taken from the PDF file)

  1. The name of the actor is laid out character by character, as a normal null-terminated C-string. If the length of the actor

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