Read/Write Files

This is a tutorial on how to open and write files with PHP, of course there is always different ways to accomplish the same task within programming languages.

Fopen will open up a file, the secod parameter is who to open the file, r = read, w = write.

$readin = fopen("countrys.txt", "r");

The while loop will set the variable $county equal to a line from the input file, the fscanf will scan a file with the second parameters requirements, the ‘[^\n]’ means anything that is not(^) a return character (\n).

while ($county = fscanf($readin, "%[^\n]")) {

Fwrite will output to the output file handler (the $output created with fopen), with the text in the second parameters

fwrite($output, "insert into country(place) values (\"$county[0]\");\n");

NOTE: the { } are the begin and end of a code structure, e.g. While begin; do something; end;

This is the code

       $readin = fopen("countrys.txt", "r");
       $output = fopen("sqlcountrys.txt", "w");
       while ($county = fscanf($readin, "%[^\n]")) {
              echo $county[0]. "\n";
              fwrite($output, "insert into country(place) values (\"$county[0]\");\n");

if you save that as phpreadfile.php. and also create a countrys.txt file with what ever text you like, e.g. United Kingdom

United States etc.

The output of the program (php phpreadfile.php) will display each line that is read from the input file and the output file will have some other text in it, for demonstrating purposes, have done some sql code.

Hello world

This is the hello world for the php tutorial section. PHP is another Object Orientation language, to get php, if you download it from PHP.NET and you are able to use with Apache or with MS Tnternet Information Services IIS.

Once you have php installed, if you save this

       echo "Hello World!";

as phphelloworld.php within the correct directory for the php engine to use the file.

Once you point your browser to the file e.g.

and the output will be “Hello World!”;

Hope that helps 🙂