On mouse events

Within javascript it is able to reference an HTML object so that if any “on” events happen, for example if an mouse hovers over the HTML object it is called onmouseover event and these events are capable of changing the webpage as well.

To create an process attached to an event, you can either add the code inline to the HTML object like

       First Test 

This will change the link object <a> events for when the mouse hovers over the <a> HTML object (onmouseover) and also when the mouse leaves the <a> HTML object (onmouseout).

Also with using the body HTML onload event, it is able to attach an javascript process to any object without doing inline code.


which is attached to any function, in this case I have attached to objload(objectID) function.

Here is the full HTML code

              First Test 

Second test

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  1. image manipulations ? what sort of image manipulations ? I shall do some posts on that next :).. on image moving, replacements etc.

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