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To read in from and file and also output to a file, java uses streams to “talk” to the files. These streams allow for communicating with different stream conversion tools, the object tool within this tutorial is the DataInputStream which “talks” to the FileInputStream.

I have attached the code within a zip file with the required input file as well.

Below is the code

class javareadfile
       public static void main(String args[])
              String fileName = "country.txt";//input file
              String outFileName = "sqljavacountry.txt";//output file
                     // file input stream, basically a pointer to the stream of the input file
                     FileInputStream fStream = new FileInputStream(fileName);
                     // file output stream, basically a pointer to the stream for outputing data
                     FileOutputStream fOutStream = new FileOutputStream(outFileName);
                     // the input/output data streams that connect to the above streams
                     DataInputStream dInput = new DataInputStream(fStream);
                     DataOutputStream dOutput = new DataOutputStream(fOutStream);
                     // whilst there is data available in the input stream
                     while (dInput.available() !=0)
                            String in = dInput.readLine();// read a line from the input file
                            // output a stream of data to the output file
                            dOutput.writeBytes("insert into country(place) values (\""+in+"\");\n");
                     //close the two files.
              catch (Exception e)// incase of any errors
                     System.err.println("There was a error : " + e.toString());

If you save this as and also create a countrys.txt file with what ever text you like, e.g.

United Kingdom
United States

Once you have compiled the program (javac -deprecation, may have to use -deprecation if using java virtual machine 1.5 over 1.4) and execute the program (java javareadfile), it will look for the file countrys.txt within the same directory as the program executable and also create outcountrys.txt within the same directory (it will write over the file if there is one present). Then within the while loop it will read the input file line by line and output to the screen what has been read and also output to the output file.

Of course to finish off to close down the files and return back to the console.

3 thoughts on “Read/Write Files”

  1. /* This is a better and simpler approach to read n write from and to a file in java */


    class Filetransfer
    {public static void main (String args[])

    FileReader fr = new FileReader(“testtry.txt”); // use any filename
    BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(fr);
    int inputline;
    FileWriter fw = new FileWriter(“hello.txt”); //use any filename

    while((inputline !=-1) // check to see if the file has ended

    }catch (IOException e){};

    /* Program by Sumish Darak*/


  2. Thanks for the article.
    I thought I would leave you a comment, because there are a few articles ahead of you here and they arent as well written as yours.
    I am taking Java 2 this semester and I forgot how to do the file input, so this is a great review.

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