How to convert AVI-MPEG to DVD

This shall serve as a reminder for myself and may help others. The software that I have used is

To convert the avi file into a mpeg file for a PAL 352×288 screen, there is different settings either use the ‘man’ or goto the Transcode website for viewing the conversion in more detail. The command line that I use is

  transcode -i<AVI FILM> -V -y mpeg -F d -E 44100 -b 224 -fps 25 -o <OUTPUTFILENAME>

This generates two files, *.m2v (the dvd video segment) and *.mpa (the audio segment).

The options in the above command line are

  • -b Audio bitrate Kbit’s
  • -E Audio sampling rate (Hz)
  • -F codec (d = dvd)
  • -i input file
  • -V use internal video codec (faster but some import modules do not support this)
  • -y video, audio export modules.
  • -fps Frames per second, 25 is for PAL, 29.97 for NTSC

If the audio is in the AC3 Codec then you may need to reduce the bitrate for encoding. This is done with a profile file, which containts the following entry.


this will reduce the bitrate to 4000 kpbs. The profile is passed to the transcode program within the 3rd parameter to -F, also the parameter -A means to use the internal AC3 codec.

  transcode -i<AVI FILM> -V -y mpeg -F d,, -m <OUTPUTFILENAME.AC3> -A 0x2000 -fps 25 -o <OUTPUTFILENAME>

Joining the OUTPUTFILENAME’s together

To join these two segments together


If using the AC3 codec then


This will create a MPEG file ready to be either watched or converted again into the DVD format and then burned.

Hope that helps, and this also servers as a reminder to me 🙂

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