How to convert DVD to AVI

The program required to change a DVD to AVI format is called “transcode”, below is a link to the homesite and also a link to any rpm’s that have been build and lurking on the RPM-FIND

Usually the first block of the DVD is the whole, or if not a big part, of the movie thus would be better to do a test run on the second block. The second block is tested by using the “-T 2” parameter. To ascertain the bitrate/information from the DVD for the conversion the command line is ( I am assuming that the DVD in mounted on /dev/dvd)

tccat -t dvd -T 2,-1 -i /dev/dvd | tcextract -x ac3 -t vob | tcdecode -x ac3 | tcscan -x pcm

tccat parameter’s

  • -t Type of input
  • -T Title/chapter
  • -i Input device

tcextract parameter’s

  • -x Codec
  • -t Source file format (vod = mpeg stream)

tcdecode parameter’s

  • -x Codec

tscan parameter

  • -x Codec

The tccat program places the dvd media onto the standard output for the 4 pipping command line. The tcextract extracts from the standard output (the output from tccat) and extracts/demultiplex the stream and places the output back onto the standard output for the tcdecode program. The tcdeocde converts the output
from the tcextract pipe into the raw format for the tcscan program to display the different aspects of the output stream and displays the results on the standard output(the console).
The tcscan program displays information about the video and also the audio. The audio information includes the audio gain that is required for the conversion so that the audio is not to low/loud :).

To run a conversion test on the second block (“-T 2”) for converting into the divx5 format and also testing the audio gain, the audio gain from the above tcscan is placed into the parameter “-s”.

transcode -i/dev/dvd -x dvd -T 2,-1 -V -B 1,0 -Y 76,8 -s 2.340 -t 83920,dvd1 -y divx5 -w 1618 

and then finally the film

transcode -i/dev/dvd -x dvd -T 1,-1 -V -B 1,0 -Y 76,8 -s 2.340 -t 83920,dvd1 -y divx5 -w 1618

transcode parameter’s

  • -i Input device
  • -x Video input module
  • -T Title/Chapter
  • -V YUV internal encoding
  • -B resize n,m,M (M = 8,16,32) height = n * M, width = m * M
  • -Y Select encoder clipping border
  • -s Audio gain
  • -t (n,base) Split the outputted film into frames (n) with base name (base)
  • -y Video export module
  • -w Encode bitrate

Hope that helps, and this also servers as a reminder to me 🙂

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