Arrays are ways of having a block of memory allocated to a single variable type, this allows for holding the national lottery numbers within an array of 6 instead of actually having 6 different variables, saves on variable overload

int value1 = new int (1);
int value2 = new int (2);
int value3 = new int (3);
int value4 = new int (4);
int value5 = new int (5);
int value6 = new int (6);

and instead you could just have

int[] values = new int[6] {1,2,3,4,5,6};

This is example code of how to use arrays.

using System;
class arrays
       public static void Main()
              // the [] means a array declaration, and when you create the new instance of a int you then define the size (3 in this case)
              // if you wish to define the default values, then place these within the {} brackes
              int[] arrayInt = new int[3] { 3,2,1};       
              // for each (integer in the array of integers assign to i)
              foreach (int i in arrayInt)
              // to alter the values within the array, an array always starts at 0
              arrayInt[0] = 20;
              arrayInt[1] = 30;
              arrayInt[2] = 40;
              foreach (int i in arrayInt)

Save as array.cs and then compile using either mono/csc.exe. The output will be


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