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Collections – ArrayList, the ArrayList is part of the Collections namespace. The ArrayList acts as the same as the array (Array Example) apart from it allows other functional aspects to access the list of array.

Shall comment more on the different aspects in later tutorials, but basically there many different parts to a class that allow for better functionality e.g
1. Interfaces = base of a class for strict implementation)
2. IEnumerable (which is a interface) = means that you implement GetEnumerator aspects of a class, e.g. for the foreach command)
3. Generics (which is part of .net 2) = Similar to templates (Generics) in c++ and also generics from Java).
4. Etc. shall comment more on these.

This is the code

using System;
namespace ArrayListTest
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            System.Collections.ArrayList arrayList = new System.Collections.ArrayList();
            arrayList.Add("hi there");
            foreach (object obj in arrayList)

If you save as arraylisttest.cs, and then run, the output will be

hi there

It basically allows you to add in any object into the ArrayList, and since objects have the ToString() function, then it is able to print out the object, of course custom made objects will either display there type or the ToString() will have to be implemented.

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