Execution order

Execution order of programs code is very much a vital thing to understand and where some fault finds will take a long while to figure out. Basically like in maths where there is a order of calculating, well in coding structures and also multitasking and multi-threading setups the execution order may be incorrect for lines of code.

Here is some examples, the first is when will a function be called and the later when post/pre incrementation will take place.

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int value =1;
int setvalue2()
	cout << "setting value"<<endl;
	value = 2;
	return value;
int returnvalue()
	cout << "renting value"<< endl;
	return value;	
int main()
	// depending on the order of execution the value may be
	/* setvalue2 called first
		(setvalue2 = 2 / returnvalue = 2) = 1
	   returnvalue called first
		(setvalue2 = 2 / returnvalue = 1) = 2
	cout << setvalue2() / returnvalue() << endl;
	int i;
	i = i++ - ++i;	// not sure what i will be because the pre/post increaments 
	i = 3, i++, i++; // i will equal 5 because in correct order.

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